2022; A year in review at Mr Jones Watches

2022 passed in a blink of an eye and we had one cracker of a year, which is all down to you for supporting us either by buying a watch, watching one of our social media videos, or suggesting us to a family member or friend.

We launched more than 10 new watches, celebrated 15 years in business and opened a new shop to name a few of our 2022 highlights!

Let's have a look back at what last year brought us...



This was a reissued version of the limited edition watch designed by Chris Fritton in 2021. An extremely popular design, adding a pop of colour to our collection. 

Coming back in two colours, blue and silver, this watch featured an explanation mark and a question mark which come together twice a day at 12 o’clock to form an Interrobang‽ 

View Interrobang‽ in our design archive here



Ricochet dropped into our permanent collection in March 2022 with an updated background.

The three robots play a game of pinball as time goes on. 

Keep an eye out this year if you’d like an XL watch in this design (coming soon!)… Meanwhile you can shop Ricochet here


Beam me up!

It first touched down to earth in April 2022 and has been one of our best sellers this year with all 100 limited edition watches selling out within 41 minutes. 

We were lucky to work with French Author and Illustrator Xavier Broche again (designer of Photobomb) to create Beam Me Up! 

Xavier explained the inspiration behind his design: 

I found it funny to imagine the alien travelling endlessly across space searching for intelligent life, only to encounter a bewildered pig at the end of this epic journey! Don’t worry about the pig though - he’ll outwit the alien in the end!”

Click here to look back at the limited design. 

Slow Down

Slow Down came back to our permanent collection in April, after being a huge success in 2021. 

Gia Graham, the designer of the watch explains this about Slow Down:

As the hours pass, the design of the watch embraces the energy and constant movement of our day but twice each day, there is a pause… a moment of serenity when everything aligns and the reminder to slow down appears.”

Shop Slow Down here



May saw us introduce Ophelia into our permanent collection.

Previously featuring a woman's face appearing from the water in the limited edition run, the new design incorporates two fish circling around a pond immersed in their own watery world with flowers and lily pads appearing on the surface. 

Designer Joshua Obeng- Boateng said this about his unique design:

“The central idea behind the watch is a celebration of water and the diverse symbolism it can take: Water can be a symbol of death and mortality, as it is in Millais’ painting of ‘Ophelia’ or it can be used to represent life and animism as embodied by the fish that swim around.” 

Click here to shop Ophelia. 


Enjoy the Ride

We welcomed one of our most popular designers, Kristof Devos from Belgium to our London workshop in June to design a brand new watch. Enter, Enjoy The Ride. 

Featuring a non-stop moving ferris wheel, it was an extremely popular design back in the summer, with vibrant colour and the message to live in the moment.  

We're currently working on a permanent version, join the waiting list for the reissue here.

Stanley turned six! 

We have to mention the big boss… sorry, Crispin! 

For our most adorable member of the team, we celebrated with cake (dog friendly) and a party all for our Stan.


Our 15th year in business

A truly wonderful milestone to achieve and we couldn’t be more grateful to all of you, for all the support so far!

From starting in the founder’s home to now having a shop in Seven Dials, two workshops, more than 150 unique designs and our talented team who make it all happen. 

We celebrated our 15th anniversary by creating our very own Stanley hot dog T-shirts, designed by our General Manager, Ellie. You can grab one here


A perfectly useless evening

Guess who's back… It's Kristof Devos with a new release, with a new spin on one of our best sellers, A perfectly useless afternoon.

This watch takes us to a night-time scene, imagining what it would have been like if the relaxed figure from our afternoon watch had never left the pool and continued relaxing well into the evening. 

Get your hands on A perfectly useless evening here.


The Golden Hour

The start of autumn saw us work with Andy Wilx for a second time, designer of The Silent Thief, to bring you The Golden Hour.

Inspired by the children's book, The Secret Garden and quintessential English landscapes.   

Andy said this about his design:

“In this design I tried to capture the balance between the geometric and the organic in a landscaped garden and the magical allure of The Secret Garden.”

Check out The Golden Hour in the design archive here.


The Zombie Pizza

October officially marks the spooky season (a firm favourite here at MJW) and we needed an equally gruesome watch to match - enter, The Zombie Pizza! 

Designed by Artist and one of our talented watch technicians, Mariana Calderón, The Zombie Pizza featured eyeballs, severed fingers and guts all served on a cheesy pizza. 

Mariana said this about her design:

“With the use of colour, cartoon style and repetition, things as gory as eyeballs and severed fingers can become humorous.” 

Look back at The Zombie Pizza here in our design archive. 


We opened our brand new shop in Seven Dials, London! 

On November 10th 2022, we unveiled our new shop in the heart of London’s West End, marking our spot with our brightly coloured walls.  

Our new shop offers our full collection of watches, our range of dog T-shirts and free watch engraving whilst you wait.

We have loved welcoming you to our new home and can’t wait for more exciting events and new watch launches at the shop in 2023. 

Beam Me Up! 

You asked, we delivered! We couldn't wait to add this super cool watch to our permanent collection.

Beam Me Up! came back in November and it's probably one our most requested watches of 2022.

Have you checked it out yet? Click here to shop


While we didn’t release a new watch this month, we were certainly kept busy packing up all of your Christmas orders, even Stanley got involved!

Thank you so much to everyone. 

We look forward to a new year, and new watch releases in 2023. 

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