Behind the scenes: A perfectly useless evening

Aug 4, 2022by Olivia O'Dwyer

We’ve teamed up with award-winning Belgian illustrator and artist Kristof Devos for the fourth time to launch a special edition of one of our most popular watch designs. Introducing… A perfectly useless evening!

We love collaborating with both emerging and established designers to create truly interesting and unique timepieces. This watch is particularly special as it's the third in the ‘A perfectly useless’ collection. We were also able to welcome Kristof to our workshop and get him involved with the process! 

Kristof, Natalie, Paul and Crispin deciding the final design of A perfectly useless evening 


We’re always so grateful when we’re able to have artists visit our studio. It’s such a special experience to show them exactly what goes into building each of our watches and show them how each component makes up their artistic vision - from sketching to sampling to finally being able to wear their watch.

As you can see, each element of the design is printed individually. We also experimented with a few different colour options for the rubber ring


Our assembly technician, Natalie showing Kristof each stage of the watch assembly 


Kristof is responsible for designing some of our best selling watches - you seem to love his concepts as much as we do! - so it was brilliant to get him involved with the process.

One of the biggest changes when compared to A perfectly useless afternoon is the glow in the dark lights that illuminate the swimming pool (and also indicate the hours). Our talented print technician and head of printing, Paul worked with luminous inks to get the watch glowing just right when the lights go down.


Paul showing Kristof our printing process


Glow in the dark is a fairly new practice for us and A perfectly useless evening is only the second watch we’ve created that glows. It’s something we’ve seen a lot of you request, so we were determined to introduce more to our collection. After years of experimenting to find the perfect inks and the right consistency, Paul perfected the technique with Far Out

Each colour of our designs are mixed individually by hand and printed one-by-one in layers. Our team then went to work by assembling each of the watches once it had been given Kristof’s final approval.

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