Behind the Scenes: Blueberry Late!

Introducing our first release of 2024… Blueberry Late!


A new edition of Ana Dias’ classic, chaotic Berry Late Again! but bluer and better than ever. This time with blueberries rather than strawberries (obviously). 


The trio of blueberries indicate the hour, while the single blueberry indicates the minutes. 

Funnily enough the blueberries were nearly not a thing! *gasp*


The plan was to make this watch exactly the same as Berry Late Again! just with a blue dial. One of the team misheard our production manager Cat, who was talking (frantically) during a meeting, and thought she said “Blueberry Late” not “Blue Berry Late”. 


We all agreed, along with Ana Dias, that blueberries as opposed to strawberries would be the perfect addition!

The rebellious message remains the same and will still only be formed just once an hour before scrambling back into a frenzy of pastel letters. 


The serene, sky blue watch face ensures that the disobediently sweet personality of this watch is kept fully in-tact. If you love Berry Late Again! but pink just isn’t your colour… sorry you have no excuse now! (kidding).

Each piece was carefully sprayed with the new pastel colour, before adding the cotton candy-like clouds. 


Our team then went on to print each individual colour, layer by layer, f-word by f-word, that when assembled will come together to form the final fractious design. 


The discs were then attached to the dial and fitted into the glass, complete with even more clouds, printed with translucent ink to give the illusion of being able to see through them. 

But now the real question arises… are you a strawberry person or a blueberry person? 


Let us know and tag us in any photos of your watches on social media @mrjoneswatches !

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