Behind the scenes: Creating The Silent Thief

Last week we released our final limited edition watch of the year. We were lucky enough to collaborate with British Artist Andy Wilx on this new design. 

Andy WilxWe have been working with Andy, developing The Silent Thief design for over two years, so we were really excited to finally be able to share this design.  

Production sheet

The idea of narrative and adornment often inspire Andy’s work, here were his thoughts behind the design:

“I’m intrigued by the idea of taking something as beautiful as a bird and making it more beautiful with gold and jewels. 

By giving the bird a simple piece of jewellery you instantly create a narrative: A robin perched on a fence, is just that; but a robin wearing a necklace perched on a fence is the beginning of a story. 

The bird is no longer part of the scenery but becomes an actor, centre-stage.”

We worked closely with Andy, revising and refining the design, so it truly reflected his vision.

The Silent Thief discs

Throughout the sampling process, there were a few technical challenges thrown at our team. 

The intricacy of the gilding in particular - which features both gold and palladium, required perseverance from our team - but they did an amazing job.

Gilding with yellow gold

We were excited to use a beautiful Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement in this watch, as well as a seconds disc, which can be found in the eye of the bird on the watch face. 

production of The Silent Thief

Once the sampling was complete, our team felt confident to go ahead with the production of 100 pieces of the watch. 

Our talented printing team, mixed and printed the individual colours for the design one by one before gilding the design by hand. 

The Silent Thief

Our assembly team then used their eye for detail to carefully hand-assemble and test all 100 editions of the watch design.

Assembling The Silent Thief

On its release day, The Silent Thief became our second fastest selling watch to date, selling out in just over an hour.

The Silent Thief

We can’t believe this is our final release of the year, where has the time gone? We are so excited to bring out more spectacular designs in 2022!

Did you manage to get your hands on The Silent Thief? If not, you can check out our waiting list here.

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