Behind the scenes: Designing The Watchful Ones

Mar 8, 2021by Crispin Jones

Last year we worked with Onorio D’Epiro to create “The Watchful Ones”, a collection of five playful monster watches, all with their own unique characteristics.

Onorio has kindly shared with us the process of designing such a unique collection and how his designs have evolved!

After an initial meeting Crispin (Mr Jones) to discuss the collection, it didn’t take Onorio long to start the creative process.

On the train home from the meeting, Onorio began sketching his ideas...

Onorio sketches

Onorio’s initial designs show an emphasis on using the eyes of the monster to tell the time.

The next step was to experiment with the design digitally, looking at colours and how the watch would work mechanically.

Onorio first designsOnorio design1

The first test watch was then designed to experiment with the hour and minute discs using the monster's eyes to read the time.

Watchful Ones first test

Onorio then began refining the designs of the monsters themselves, making sure each had an individual personality and story.

Onorio sketches digital

Onorio digital sketches pt2

In the images below, you can see the process behind designing 'Chomi' and 'Duff the Gruff' two monsters that were part of the final collection.

Onorio's Chomi sketchesOnorio's Duff the Gruff sketches

The designs were then tested to ensure the layered elements worked together, and that the watches complement each other as a collection.

Onorio collection ideas

One of the last steps of the design process was to ensure the watch parts and mechanisms worked perfectly with the design.

Onorio final sketches

The final step for Onorio was to design a logo for the case back, he experimented with many ideas to symbolise the collection.

Onorio case back designs

Here are the final characters Onorio designed.The Watchful Ones

And the final watch collection...The finished Watchful Ones collectionWhich monster was your favourite design from 'The Watchful Ones' collection?