Behind the scenes: Enjoy The Ride

We’ve teamed up with the designer behind two of our bestselling watches, A perfectly useless afternoon and A perfectly useless morning, for a third time for our latest release: Enjoy the Ride

Working closely with Kristof Devos - award-winning Belgian illustrator and artist - to bring his inspiration to life was a great experience. As you can see from Kristof’s initial drawings, we experimented with lots of different colours and movement ideas before coming up with the final design. 

Enjoy the Ride encourages the wearer to enjoy every single moment of their life. We decided that the ferris wheel would represent the seconds hand so that it would be constantly in motion to reinforce this message even further. Here’s what Kristof had to say about his inspiration for the design: 

"This watch captures the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in my time here on earth: try to enjoy every single minute of your life, because it is not endless. 

“When I was thinking about this idea as a concept for a timepiece, I immediately thought of a ferris wheel. It just felt right: as the wheel turns, time passes by.

“This watch wants to be a kind reminder to put your worries aside, you are here and now, so you might as well enjoy the ride."

Once the design and the mechanics were agreed upon, it was time to sort the printing. Our talented team went to work with mixing each individual colour in the illustration one-by-one, which was a very fun task for this super colourful design! 

Once the printing was sorted, our team got to work by hand assembling each of the 100 watches for our limited edition release. You seemed to love the design as much as we did, selling us out in under an hour and a half! 

Were you speedy enough to get your hands on Enjoy The Ride? If you missed out this time, you can sign up to our waiting list here.

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