Behind the scenes: Mare Adesso

In 2019 Mr Jones Watches collaborated on a project with Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata, an art school in Milan. The students at the school were challenged to design a watch for Mr Jones Watches. Matteo Girardi’s whale themed design really stood out to us, so much so, we decided to peruse a collaboration with him.

Matteo Girardi is an Italian Graphic Designer who lives in Milan. He recently graduated from his studies in graphics and communication. We worked with Matteo over many months to perfect the limited edition release of Mare Adesso. 

Matteo during the design process

Matteo’s sea themed design was inspired for his love for the ocean, “For me the sea is synonymous with freedom and purity, but in recent decades pollution has profoundly damaged this fragile ecosystem. I wanted to convey the idea that the sea is beautiful and inhabited by wonderful creatures but we should not take it for granted”.

The name Mare Adesso means “Sea, now!” a joyful call to escape the city and also an invocation to defend the seas from human pollution.

On its launch day Mare Adesso became our fastest selling limited edition release, with 100 limited pieces selling out in a just a few hours.

Mare Adesso (limited edition)

We did not hesitate to begin designing a reissue of Mare Adesso.The re-issue saw a change in the colour way to distinguish it from the limited edition design. 

Mare Adesso is now part of our permanent collection, you can shop Mare Adesso here.

Did you manage to get your hands on the limited edition Mare Adesso or the reissue? 

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