Creating A perfectly useless morning

Jan 24, 2022by Olivia O'Dwyer

I’m sure if you’ve been following us for a while you’ve more than likely seen or heard about our A perfectly useless morning/ afternoon watches. 

We can’t quite believe how much interest these two designs have received over on TikTok and Instagram recently with millions on people having viewed our content. 

These watches are now two of our most loved designs in our permanent collection. 

A perfectly useless watches

We’ve already shown the behind the scenes of making A perfectly useless afternoon (check it out here) so today we thought we would step back in time to show you how we created A perfectly useless morning.

We first worked with Belgian illustrator Kristof Devos in 2019 when he approached us with a design proposal, we loved his ideas and couldn’t wait to begin collaborating.

Kristof Devos Illustrating

Kristof’s background is in picture-book illustration, so for him designing a watch was an opportunity for him to tell a story in a more unusual way.

After seeing the success of his first design, A perfectly useless afternoon, a few months later we were thrilled to begin working with him on a companion piece. 

Nature was a big inspiration for Kristof during the design process, along with the design holding many of the same values as the afternoon watch. A perfectly useless morning

 The notion that sometimes what is considered as “wasting time” can bring the biggest rewards was important to Kristof when designing both timepieces.

After seeing and loving the design plans our small London team began sampling and refining the design whilst being in regular communication with Kristof. 

When everyone was happy with the design we began the production of 100 limited edition pieces.

Behind the scenes APUM

The first limited edition run of the watch, featured an eye-catching green colour on the dial which was hand mixed and printed by our talented printing team. 

Limited edition A perfectly useless morning

This release was loved by our customers, so much so, we decided to re-issue the design in 2020 as a part of our permanent collection. 

The permanent design held much of the same meaning as before, but instead featured a fox instead of a man on the watch face.

A perfectly useless morning

Kristof wanted to convey a reminder to live in the moment and feel at peace with the world.

This was his inspiration: 

My last name ‘Devos’, means ’The Fox’ [in Flemish]. Because of mysterious family history, I’m the first one born with this name, so it’s somewhat special to me. It like a new bloodline starts with ’Devos'. I have always felt close to the animal, although I’ve rarely seen a fox in the wild.”

The permanent edition is printed with a gorgeous gold ink, and our printing team have worked hard to give the trees a 3D illusion, it really is a mini masterpiece. 

Behind the scenes: APUM

Our talented assembly team continue to produce A perfectly useless morning every week and we love the message it conveys. It definitely holds an important spot in our collection. 

A perfectly useless morning

Have you got your hands on A perfectly useless morning yet? You can check it out here.