Ghoulish watches for Halloween 2023

As we’re amidst the spooky season, why not sink your teeth into some of our most spine chilling watches, that’ll be sure to win you the biggest treat of all.

If you want to be the talk of the Halloween party or are looking for the perfect accessory to pair with your creepy costume, these watches will definitely be sparking up conversations.

As you may (or may not) know, many of our watches follow the ancient sentiment of ‘memento mori’ which originates from the Latin meaning ‘remember you will die’. 

It’s a reminder to live every moment to the fullest and to not take life too seriously (which we are all guilty of sometimes!).

Perfectly ominous for Halloween, but also perfectly true all year round…


Number Cruncher

For this watch, think classic Godzilla with a twist of time. The Number Cruncher stomps through cities stealing from clocks and munching down on the numbers.

But, he’s not a fussy eater, he will gobble up cars and the odd person too if he feels like seconds (pun intended)!

The Last Laugh 

The chilling, chuckling skull design links back to the tradition of ‘memento mori’. A reminder that life is brief, so why spend it worrying about things that don’t actually matter that much?

We could learn a thing or two from the skull: laugh more and worry less. 


The Accurate 

You couldn’t find a more accurate watch if you tried. Playing on the ‘memento mori’ tradition once again, this watch says it how it is. 

The mirrored dial leaves no question as to who this message is aimed at. That’s what makes this watch so scary…it’s terrifyingly true!


Silent Thief 

Now, at first this may not strike you as a spooky watch, but if you recall Aflred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ from 1967, you may have a very different opinion.

The bird's beady eye rolls as the seconds tick by… he’s always watching.

There’s just something truly horrifying about a bird, sitting, waiting for the perfect moment to strike when we least expect it. What could be more unnerving? 

Which Halloween watch from the
Mr Jones collection will you be creeping people out with this year? Be sure to tag us in any social media posts, we can’t wait to see them! 

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