Meet our collaborators

Mar 8, 2021by Crispin Jones

We are luckily enough to work with such amazing creatives at Mr Jones Watches.

We thought it was time to let you know more about the talented people who design our watches.  

Onorio D'Epiro 

A designer and illustrator from Bedfordshire, Onorio is the creative behind Number Cruncher, Robotto Shi and The Watchful Ones. As a child he developed a fascination for character design and special effects and mastered the video recorder at a precocious age in order to feed his passion for film.

He studied Model Design and Special Effects at the University of Hertfordshire and after graduating was drawn to the world of designer art toys. He began by creating one-off bespoke pieces and later developed a series of robot collectables known as “Justrobots”, which gained a dedicated following around the world.

Want to know more about Onorio? Check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

Onorio D'Epiro designer of Number Cruncher, Robotto Shi and The Watchful Ones

Fanny Shorter 

Designer of The Promise of Happiness, Blowball, Tour Du Monde and Vingt Mille, Fanny Shorter is an illustrator and printmaker. She grew up in the quintessentially English county town of Winchester, surrounded by historic architecture and idyllic countryside. Her upbringing formed an enduring influence on her designs and how her work is manufactured.

Fanny originally trained as an illustrator at Brighton University. In 2011 she established her eponymous range of textiles, prints and accessories from her studio at Cockpit Arts in London.

Take a look at Fanny's website and Instagram to find out more.

Fanny Shorter designer of Promise of Happiness and Blowball

Kristof Devos 

Belgian Illustrator and Author, Kristof Devos designed both A perfectly useless morning and A perfectly useless afternoon.

The majority of his work is as a picture-book illustrator. He creates books for children of all ages on themes such as friendship, death and standing up for yourself.

His work has been described as both quirky and modest. Once in a while he puts down his pencil and takes to the stage, giving public talks on diverse themes such as inspiration and imagination.

See more of Kristof Devos' work on his website and instagram

Kristof Devos children's book author and designer of A perfectly useless morning and A perfectly useless afternoon 

Matteo Girardi 

An Italian Graphic Designer who lives in Milan, Matteo designed our most recent release Mare Adesso. He recently graduated from his studies in graphics and communication and he studied drawing at the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata in Milan.

Mare Adesso was the result of a project organised by the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata and Mr Jones Watches - the students at the school were challenged to design a watch for us and we liked this design so much that we decided to produce it.

Find Matteo on his Instagram

Matteo Girardi designer of Mare Adesso

Hannah Sung 

Designer of our newest limited edition release Paper Crane, Hannah Sung is a Korean American visual artist whose straddles the line between commercial and fine art.

She graduated with a BFA from California State University of Long Beach, specialising in illustration and minor study in animation.

Her client list includes FOX, Sony, Disney Imagineering, Netflix, Fisher-Price, A&E, and many more. 

She is currently putting together a series of personal works that focus on promoting self-love, ending domestic abuse, sexual assault, and body positivity.

Follow Hannah on Instagram and check out her website

Hannah Sung designer of Paper Crane

Vic Lee 

Designer of Fantastic Exploits, Dream Maker and our gift cards, Vic Lee is a London based artist and Illustrator. Vic has spent over 20 years working as a graphic designer on major branding, interior and retail design projects.

Today Vic's work is centred around illustrations that use text and letterforms in unexpected ways.

He creates pieces that are realised as large scale murals, limited edition prints or applied to products.

Follow his work on his website and Instagram.

Vic Lee typographer and designer of Fantastic Exploits and Dream Maker


Would you like to collaborate on a design for Mr Jones Watches? Email your ideas and portfolio to and we'll take a look!