Round up of 2021 at Mr Jones Watches

Happy New Year to you!

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you if you've ordered from us this year, shared one of our posts on social media, or shown your Mr Jones watch to a friend. We are incredibly grateful for your support.

Despite the obvious challenges we’re all (still) facing, we feel very lucky to have had a fantastic year at Mr Jones Watches. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on…

We launched a new Facebook Group: Friends of Mr Jones Watches - this is open for anyone to join and it’s just a slightly more intimate place for us to ask for your opinion, you can ask questions and we can all interact. We also give you some notice of limited edition releases when we can!

As a result of Brexit, we launched a new EURO website specifically for customers in The EU at the start of 2021. This was to allow us to keep paying customs taxes - which meant our European customers didn’t get a big bill when their watch arrived! You can read more about it here.

We were also very lucky to work with some incredibly talented artists and designers last year, so here’s a rundown of the watches we released in 2021, with some clues about what’s coming soon…


Ophelia: limited edition

Ophelia watch

The Ophelia watch was designed by Joshua Obeng-Boateng. Joshua described his inspiration:

“Water can equally be a potent symbol of death and mortality, as it is in Millais’ painting of ‘Ophelia’. Water can be used to represent life as embodied by the fish that swim around the head.

It can even embody both life and death simultaneously: as in spiritual practices such as baptism, which represent both the death of the old self and the rebirth as a new person”.


Far Out: limited edition

Far Out limited edition watch

Designed by our Head of Printing, Paul Wardski, Far Out was inspired by the Perseverance rover that landed on Mars, and the extraordinary footage that it sent back to Earth.

The two moons of Mars display the time, Phobos (the larger moon) shows you the minutes and Deimos (the smaller moon) shows you the hour.

You can see the re-issued version of this watch here.

Paper Crane: re-issue

Paper Crane watch

This was a re-issued version of the limited edition watch designed in 2020, by Hannah Sung.

This distinctive design was gilded with 22 carat yellow gold leaf, before being hand-assembled by our small team in London.

Paper Crane is available here.


Slow Down: limited edition

Slow down watch

Designed by Gia Graham, this beautiful small watch was created as a gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Gia described her design: “I wanted to create a timepiece that periodically reminds us to slow down, live in the moment and tune into the unrushed rhythm of mother nature”.

Join the waiting list for the re-issued version here.


Re-issued Far Out

Re-issued Far Out watch

This new version of the Far Out watch designed by Paul Wardski features has a special feature…

The two moons on the watch face are printed with luminescent ink, which means they will also glow in the dark, allowing you to read the time at night.

The Far Out watch is available here.


Interrobang ‽: limited edition

Interrobang ‽ watch

The Interrobang ‽ watch was designed and printed by Chris Fritton.

The hour and minute hands are made of the question mark and exclamation mark, when they overlap at 12 o’clock they form the interrobang ‽ character.

This combination of exclamation and question mark expresses disbelief and surprise at the end of a sentence.

Keep an eye out for re-issue that’s coming soon, or you can join the waiting list here.

A perfectly useless afternoon XL: permanent

A perfectly useless afternoon XL

In July we also released a large version of our most popular watch design, A perfectly useless afternoon. The 45mm case is just the right size for the larger wrist, it's not too big and not too small.

This version of the design also features a mechanical automatic movement.

A perfectly useless afternoon XL is available here.


Ricochet: limited edition

Ricochet watch

Ricochet was designed for us by Ryan Claytor and it was inspired by the world of the pinball arcade.

The three metallic robots, engrossed in the action of the pinball machine were each gilded by hand in a different metallic foil (gold, palladium and copper).

Keep an eye out for re-issue that’s coming soon, or sign up to the waiting list here.


The Indefatigable Sphinx: limited edition

The Indefatigable Sphinx watch

This surreal watch was designed by Artist Edward Carvalho-Monaghan.

Every hour the winged sphinx gets a new head and simultaneously the all seeing eye looks in a different direction.

Each watch was powered by a Swiss made Sellita SW200 movement, with a jump hour module that was designed by Johannes Jahnke for Christopher Ward.

Due to the work involved in producing this piece, it was limited to just 25 watches worldwide.

You can sign up the waiting list here.

The Gilded Skull: permanent

The Gilded Skull watches

These watches are a special edition of our famous skull watch, Last Laugh Tattoo.

Available in either silver or black, these special watches were gilded on the underside of the glass using a combination of palladium, white and yellow gold.

See The Gilded Skull watches here.


Photobomb: limited edition

Photobomb watch

Photobomb was designed by Xavier Broche to inspire you to embrace life imperfections.

Xavier explains his thinking behind the design:

“I started thinking about a moment when everything aligns perfectly: the perfect place, the person you love, the feeling of joy.

With this perfect moment there's a desire to immortalise this moment with the perfect photo. But there’s often that one little detail that spoils the beautiful view. And what could be more unexpected than a squirrel inserting his furry face into this perfect scene!"

You can sign up to the waiting list for Photobomb here.


The Silent Thief: limited edition

The Silent Thief watch

A watch to stir your imagination, The Silent Thief was designed by Andy Wilx.

The name of the watch is both a play on the thieving nature of the magpie and time as an ever-present, silent thief.

The Silent Thief was powered by a beautiful Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement and available in our largest, 45mm case.

You can sign up to the Silent Thief waiting list here.



No new designs this month, as the whole team took a break for Christmas. Stanley the sausage dog certainly enjoyed himself!

Finally, on behalf of the whole Mr Jones Watches team I’d like to say a huge thank you for all of your support during 2021.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.

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