The history of The Everyday Special watch

May 28, 2021by Olivia O'Dwyer

Did you know The Everyday Special watch has been in our collection since 2010? Today we are sharing a bit of its history with you. 

The Everyday Special has customisable watch hands, which makes it the perfect gift to celebrate a unique date or a special moment in time

It is normally very popular with people who want to celebrate an event like a big birthday, an anniversary, or a graduation.

The Everyday Special, a silver watch with customisable watch hands by Mr Jones Watches

Over the years we have had a few different versions of the design, but back in 2010, when the watch was first launched, we made a limited edition series of 365 watches, one watch for each day of the year. On each time piece, the hour hand was a month and the minute a day.

As there was only one watch for each day of the year, if the day you wanted was sold out you missed your chance!

The Everyday Special original by Mr Jones Watches

Since the watch was reissued, you now have the option to pick any text for the watch hands. Many people write special messages to their loved ones, or in-jokes on the watch hands (that are always a fun puzzle for our workshop team).

You can also choose the dial of your watch (black or white), the case (black or silver) and any strap from our collection.

When you order the watch through our website, you can also enter the text you want to appear on each hand and see a preview of how it will look before you purchase, this helps you to work out how long your message can be, to still be visible!

A watch with customisable hands

You can use non western characters and there is no strict limit on the number of letters but we generally recommend sticking to under 10 letters on the hour hand and 14 letters on the minute hand (it's easier to read and will look better). 

The dial and personalised hands are printed individually and then the watch is assembled by our small team in the workshop. 

Watch maker assembling The Everyday Special watch by Mr Jones Watches

To make it really special, (as if personalised hands weren't enough?) we also use a beautiful Swiss made mechanical movement to power the watch. 

It's visible through the transparent case back, so you can admire the tiny beating heart of your watch whenever you pick it up.

Silver customisable watch with a Swiss made mechanical movement that is visible through the case back

Everyone has a special date that moves them when they see it - for some it could be a birthday, for others an anniversary, or it could even be that day which changed the course of your life. This watch lets you hold on to that date, transporting you back to it whenever you check the time. 

See The Everyday Special watch here.