The Silent Thief returns to our permanent collection

One of our most popular limited edition watches, The Silent Thief, has swooped into our core collection and is here to stay! 



Centring a bright blue magpie, covered in (presumably stolen) jewels, this watch is a play on the thieving nature of the magpie and time as the ultimate, ever-present, silent thief - reminding you to stay in the moment and seize the day.

This little magpie seemed to steal more than just jewels and time, as the original limited run is still our second fastest selling watch to date, selling out in just over an hour. With around 500 of you on our waiting list and countless more questions about this watch on social media, we knew we had to bring it back. 


The Silent Thief is designed by British designer Andy Wilx, who’s known for his intricate and ornate designs celebrating nature. Our team worked closely with Andy to add new elements to the watch to separate it from its initial, limited release, while also remaining true to the original inspiration. 

Here’s what Andy had to say about the inspiration behind the design: “I’m intrigued by the idea of taking something as beautiful as a bird and making it more beautiful with gold and jewels. By giving the bird a simple piece of jewellery you instantly create a narrative.

"A robin perched on a fence is just that; but a robin wearing a necklace perched on a fence is the beginning of a story. The bird is no longer part of the scenery but becomes an actor, centre-stage.

"This isn’t to anthropomorphise the bird as much as to give the viewer an intriguing reference and provoke curiosity and stir our imagination.

"The design for this watch is part of a series of works that I’ve created, which collectively form the Adorned Series. These works are all thematically linked by the idea of adornment - that is to make more beautiful or attractive.”

As one of our most decorative and intricate watches, we knew we had to maintain the metallic, glittering effect of the original release. 

The new edition now features pure palladium gilding, which really pops against the royal blue background and looks stunning with its new silver watch face. 

Do you have The Silent Thief in your watch collection? Send us your snaps of you wearing it and don’t forget to tag us on social media!

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