Top gift ideas for Mother's Day

Mar 10, 2022by Olivia O'Dwyer

Mother's day is fast approaching and to help you treat the Mother in your life to something special this year, we’ve hand-picked our top five watches that she’s guaranteed to love.

The perfect gift to say thank you to the wonderful women in our lives.

And if you want to make it extra special, don’t forget you can also add a personal touch to your chosen watch by adding a customised engraving to the caseback.


Blowball watch

This elegant watch was designed around the concept of nostalgia, making it the perfect watch to be able to reminisce over old memories that you’ve shared with your mother.

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Nuage watchNuage boasts a dream-like feel, it’s designed to make you fall in love with timekeeping.

Hand-gilded with 22 carat gold and silver leaf, Nuage is the perfect way to treat the special lady in your life.

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The Promise of Happiness 

Promise of Happiness watchThis watch is best suited to a mother who likes to have fun with her time.

This playful design was created by London-based illustrator Fanny Shorter and you’ll find the hour in the sun and the minutes hiding in the tiger's stripes.

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Sun and Moon Ladies

Sun and Moon watch

Modern yet still traditional, the Sun and Moon is based on a very old method of timekeeping (Sun and Moon watches were first produced in Britain in the late 1600s, during a period of experimentation with ways to show the time.)

The Sun and Moon watch is a great conversation starter, it’s both simple and unconventional and the closer you look, the more detail you can see.

Sun and Moon ladies

A Perfectly Useless Afternoon

A perfectly useless afternoon watchIt's time to relax! Time spent resting is time well spent.

We can all understand how busy being a mother can be, this watch is a gentle reminder to take it easy and spend time enjoying the moment.

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Which watch do you think the Mother in your life would love?