UFO watch beams into our permanent collection

Nov 7, 2022by Olivia O'Dwyer

Who could have guessed that an alien and a little pig would cause such a stir?! 

As one of our most beloved limited edition releases and one of our most requested designs, our Beam me up! watch is back and here to stay. 

On its initial limited edition release, all 100 watches sold out in just 41 minutes - becoming one of our fastest selling watches to date!


Featuring an alien flying a UFO above a whimsical farm scene, Beam me up! is a celebration of the unexpected and unplanned moments in life. 


This watch was designed by French author and illustrator, Xavier Broche who also designed our limited edition Photobomb watch. Our team worked closely with Xavier to add new elements to the watch to separate it from the original release.

In the updated version of Beam me up!, the alien has been given a makeover and the cow has now clearly spotted the intruder and is looking straight at the UFO as its beam chases around the little piglet.

Here’s what Xavier had to say about the inspiration behind his unique design: “I wanted to describe an alien encounter in a playful way. I imagined how it would be for a simple pig to be at the heart of this historic event. 

“I found it funny to imagine the alien traveling endlessly across space searching for intelligent life, only to encounter a bewildered pig at the end of this epic journey. Don’t worry about the pig though - he’ll outwit the alien in the end!”

Expect the unexpected when wearing this extraterrestrial watch, you just never know what might be around the corner - or up in the sky!