Valentines Day: Watches they'll love

On we go into the second month of 2024 and it seems that Cupid is on his way. The stores are beginning to burst into red and pink hues and spill with teddies, hearts and enough chocolate to put ‘Willy Wonka’ to shame (you either love it or you hate it). 


Nonetheless, it’s the season of love and we’re going to level up your gift game this year with a new Valentine's Gift Guide, and let us tell you… there’s something for everyone!

The Everyday Special

It doesn’t get more special than this watch. Customise the hands on The Everyday Special with a meaningful date or message for your loved one to cherish. 


Maybe the date you met, your first date, your wedding or anniversary, an inside joke you share, anything that means something to you and your partner! 


If your partner is into gaming, robots, or anything retro for that matter, this watch is the one for them. 


Ricochet is gilded with 20ct. citron gold, 22ct. rose gold and palladium and depicts an epic pinball game between three competitive robots. Which one do you think will win? 

Berry Late Again!

Is your partner always late to everything? Even if you give them tons of notice?  This watch is the perfect way to show them you love them regardless of their lacklustre time management skills… because after all, time is just a social construct. 


The words on Berry Late Again! align perfectly just once an hour to form its rebellious message, before you know it the letters are back in a chaotic muddle (relatable). 

The Silent Thief

This is for the ones who love a bit of bling because there’s nothing wrong with a little luxury every now and then... right? 


The Silent Thief confidently flaunts his gorgeous gems that are gilded with pure palladium, sparkling away day and night. As the seconds tick by in his eyes, he’s on the look out for his next shimmering steal.

The Promise of Happiness

The perfect match for any animal lover, The Promise of Happiness shows a curious tiger within a luscious jungle, gazing up at the moon. 


This watch tells the time in a playful way, if you look carefully you can see the minutes disguised in the tigers bold stripes. 


Remember, some of our watches have a steel caseback, so you can get a customised engraving to make your gift extra special!


Be sure to let us know which is your choice this Valentine’s Day and tag us in any photos on social media: @mrjoneswatches

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