Episode four: interview with Dovile Bertulyte

This week we interview jewellery designer and maker, Dovile Bertulyte.

Join us as we discuss everything from her own jewellery brand, how she started her career and how she came to design for Mr Jones Watches.  

Remember the limited edition Autumns Riches and Sekretas watches? Dovile designed those watches using delicate leaves and flowers. 

Autumns Riches, a Mr Jones Watch designed by Dovile Bertulyte

We speak about how coronavirus has effected Dovile’s work and made her focus on things she wouldn’t normally be able to do, such as marketing her business and spending more time with her family. 

Dovile Bertulyte, watch designer and jewellery maker behind the scenes

Dove talks us through how she ended up designing for Mr Jones Watches and where she got her inspiration for Autumns Riches and Sekretas from. 

Behind the scenes image from the making of Autumns Riches

We discover the difference between jewellery making and watch designing, and how Dove found learning to be a watchmaker and designer. 

Dovile Bertulyte, watch designer and jewellery maker behind the scenes

Originally from Lithuania with a love to travel, Dove’s jewellery is inspired by travel and the natural landscape. Every item of jewellery is unique to reflect nature and texture is a very important element of her work. 

Dove's inspired by travel and the natural landscape, travel

We talk through Dove's design process with first researching and looking back on travel pictures, then drawing and experimenting. Dove enjoys finding new ways to replicate textures found in nature.

Dovileb jewellery, textured gold ring inspired by the natural landscape

Dove speaks about her education background and how she came to London to study jewellery making and ended up creating her own brand and working for Mr Jones Watches. 

A behind the scenes image of dove's jewellery making, inspired by nature

Customer connection and making special pieces like engagement rings is one of Dovile's favourite parts of her job as a jewellery designer.

Dovileb jewellery, ring

We discuss Dovile's plans for the future, such as hosting jewellery making classes and working on new projects.  

Dovile B jewellery, textured gold ring inspired by travel, nature and the natural landscape

This episode was recorded in May 2020, you can find Dove’s work on her website and Instagram. 

Have any questions for Dove or any of the other artists that we work with? Please leave them below. 


Next week we are interviewing Edward Carvalho-Monaghan, illustrator, artist and designer of Chaos Window, Edward’s World, The Last Bloom, Vanishing Point and Psychedelic Sunsets.  

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