Episode three: interview with Vic Lee

Mar 8, 2021by Crispin Jones

This week we interview designer of Dream Maker and Fantastic Exploits, Vic Lee. A London based artist, muralist and watch designer, Vic has had an interesting career path. 

Vic tells us about how Covid-19 has resulted in a new project, the Corona Diary. The Corona Diary documents Vic's experience and journey throughout February - June 2020. Hand illustrated, the book acted as Vic's therapy and escape. 

With an interesting career path we learn all about Vic's past jobs and how he ended up where he is today - a well known muralist. 

We learn how Vic came to design for Mr Jones Watches and his inspiration for his own watch designs, Fantastic Exploits and Dream Maker.

Vic shares his most interesting projects and clients over the years and why he enjoys the freedom of being an artist and illustrator. 

 We discuss how Vic found his creative style. Vic has a distinctive style of art and uses typography and illustration to tell stories. 

You can find Vic's work on his website, Instagram and Youtube channel

Have a question for Vic? Please leave them below. 

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