Episode two: interview with Onorio D'Epiro

Mar 8, 2021by Crispin Jones

This week we speak to designer, model maker and illustrator Onorio D’Epiro to find out all about his career and discuss his successful Mr Jones Watches creations.  

Are you a fan of Number Cruncher, Robotto Shi or The Watchful Ones?!

In this episode Onorio gives us the behind the scenes information about the process of designing those watches. 

Character designs by Onorio Onorio also shares how his work has been impacted by COVID-19 and what exciting projects he is currently working on. 

Onorio model designs

With an interesting creative background, Onorio has a unique style featuring monsters and robots. 

Onorio's model robot

Have you ever wondered how Onorio makes his models? Onorio talks through his design process and how he found designing watches compared to model making.

Take a look at this video of Onorio at Mr Jones Watches.

With Number Cruncher being so popular with Mr Jones Watches customers, we wanted to ask Onorio about his design inspiration for the watch.

What led to Number Cruncher was a series that Onorio had previously done, the pieces consisted of monsters in cities with the use of combining illustration and photography.

Onorio's illustration of a monster in the city

    We learn how Onorio approached designing a series of five watches, resulting in a family of monsters, The Watchful Ones. 

    Onorio's sketches for the Watchful Ones

    Do you have any questions for Onorio? Let us know in the comments below!


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