Wondrous watches to gift this Christmas

With Christmas just about two weeks away, we’re really feeling the festive spirit at MJW, and we want to make sure you’re feeling it too! 


We all know how easy the stress of Christmas shopping can get to us, with crowded shopping centres, picky family members and deciphering not-so-subtle hints from partners…

We’ve already put together a gift guide rounding up our favourite quirky watches. But, if you’re after something with a little more elegance and sparkle, we’ve rounded up our favourite gilded watches to help you choose the right one! 


After all… there’s no such thing as too much glitter at Christmas.

Starting off strong with an ethereal, dream-like watch, designed to make you fall in love with time keeping. 


Nuage is gilded with 22 carat gold and palladium. It’s sure to spark conversations at Christmas dinner and gleam magnificently all year round.


The gilding process makes every watch completely unique, meaning you can give someone a gift that no one else in the world has!

Now this one is for the old schoolers, the rulers of all things retro, people who love pinball and robots, of course. 


Ricochet was designed by Illustrator, Ryan Claytor, from his childhood love of pinball machines. The three metallic robots, engrossed in the game are each gilded by hand in a different metallic foil palladium (20 carat citron gold and 22 carat rose gold).


It doesn’t get cooler than shiny, gold robots playing pinball on a watch face with a jump-hour feature representing the score… does it?!


The Ascendent is an exquisite watch designed by Marion Labbez to celebrate our individual journey through life and the perilous mountains we scale along the way. 


This watch is gilded with palladium in different ways to achieve different textures throughout the design. The mountain shimmers on the horizon, appearing near enough to touch but also impossibly beyond our grasp, out in the mist of the unknown.

Provoke curiosity this Christmas with The Silent Thief


This blinged up bird will be centre stage at your festivities this year, with his powerful stance, his gorgeous jewels, and of course his palladium gilding. 


He’ll be keeping his watchful eye on you, making sure you stay in line and don’t sneak an extra treat from the advent calendar…


We hope this has given you some inspiration. Be sure to tag us when your showing off your fab new watches on social media @mrjoneswatches

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