Andy Wilx: The Golden Hour

Andy Wilx

Andy Wilx portrait

Andy discusses his inspiration for The Golden Hour design:

“White Jasmine scrambles around a golden sundial while a Bumble Bee buzzes about, regal and majestic yet wild.

The formal English garden has always been a source of inspiration: with its symmetrical borders, manicured lawns and avenues of topiary. Statues, fountains and sundials entangled in ivy and rose. Butterflies and bees busying themselves. Rabbits and birds popping in and out of secret hiding places.

In this design I tried to capture the balance between the geometric and the organic in a landscaped garden and the magical allure of The Secret Garden.

The Bee is one of my favourite motifs. The Honeybee characterises craftsmanship and honest toil, while the Queen Bee symbolises royalty and nobility.

I love this watch and I hope you do too - it’s the bee’s knees!”

Andy Wilx makes art and objects that you simply can’t take your eyes off, but he also wants to inspire a story.

At first glance it is the natural world that informs an Andy Wilx design, but take a closer look and you’ll enter a world of fantasy and enchantment that wouldn’t be out of place in Carroll’s Wonderland or Pullman’s Dark Materials.

In all of his work a central character, usually an animal, poses a question of how and why and thus invites us to construct a narrative. His use of decorative patterns, opulent colours and 24ct gold, recall the lushness of William Morris and the lustre of a medieval manuscripts.

Not wanting to restrict his designs to one medium or discipline you can find Andy’s work screen printed and hanging on walls, gold gilded glass installations or adorning furniture.

Andy has also illustrated a number of books including Star Stories by Anita Ganeri.

Andy Wilx is based in Thames Ditton, London.

You can see more of Andy’s work here: