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Edward Carvalho-Monaghan

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan portrait

Edward describes his eye-catching watch design:

“The watch depicts a surreal, dreamlike landscape. This space exists both outside time and at all possible moments in time simultaneously.

Gods, Goddesses and sacred objects from different cultures, places and times are present within this timeless world.

At the top of the dial the bejewelled all-seeing eye watches over the world, looking back at us and making the link between their world and ours.

My aims are always to expand the dimensions of an image to the farthest possible degree and to create contradictions and suggestions within that space.”

Edward Carvalho-Monaghan is an English artist residing in Slough in the UK (though if you were to ask his Sister, she’d say Windsor).

Edward explored the psychedelic and underground artwork of the 60’s and movements like De Stijl, amongst other things at St Martins College.

Upon leaving he developed a distinctive drawing style, melding the vivid influences drawn from his studies: a youthful obsession with surrealism and a growing interest in the Classical World and ancient cultures. These influences barge and spatter together in his designs, in a form he would currently describe as Plastic Gothic.

See more of Edward's work here: edwardcarvalhomonaghan.co.uk/